What is this world coming to? Ten days in jail for a lapdance and wandering hands?


Bloggers around the world are shedding a tear because one of the funniest, most scandalous stories in recent memory is just about over. The party boat bacchanal on Lake Minnetonka is coming to a close, as a guilty verdict was handed down to running back Moe Williams within the last hour.

A Hennepin County judge sentenced Williams to 10 days in jail and ordered him to pay a $500 fine. But the jail term and $200 of the fine will be stayed for a year, provided Williams stays out of trouble.

The judge ordered Williams to perform 30 hours of community service during the next six months with agencies that serve women and children.

“I didn’t do as much as the boat captain,” Williams said. “We don’t have the same skin color.”

Here we go. Playing the race card. Moe, didn’t you learn that race is what got Randy Moss shipped out of town? You’re ass is next, buddy. But it’s probably for the better – who wants to play for a 6-win team, anyway?

Lastly, we must post a link to the hilarious Smoking Gun documents, because nothing makes the 5 o’clock hour pass quicker than reading about how an NFL running back got a lap dance from a topless stripper, and he grabbed on her titties.

Williams guilty of disorderly conduct in ‘love boat’ trial (ESPN.com)
Found guilty of disorderly conduct, Williams blames case on racism
(St. Paul Pioneer Press)

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