Vegas. It's Leinart's Kind of Town.

Vegas. It's Leinart's Kind of Town.


Vegas. It's Leinart's Kind of Town.

We love a good tipster. Late last night, this photo appeared in our inbox, and we can only assume the couple to your right are those crazy kids, Phoenix Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart and the multi-talented Paris Hilton (depending on your definition of talent).

Apparently, the two spent a cozy July 4 weekend in Las Vegas. Almost on cue this morning, the New York Daily News chimes in:

Paris Hilton and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart double-dated with Nicky Hilton and beau Kevin Connolly Monday night at The Mirage’s Jet nightclub in Vegas. The fun couples partied until 4 a.m., with Nicky working the stripper pole. Leinart, 23, should know Paris has informed the London Daily Mirror she’s ready to ready for kids: “I don’t want to be an old mom.” …

That Nicky Hilton photo would have been priceless. And Matt, if you’re reading this, our NFL previews are rapidly approaching, and we’re debating whether or not nine wins is feasible. Too ambitious?

Surveillance (New York Daily News)

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