Paul Lo Duca, Lesson No. 1 of Cheating on Your Wife: No Pictures With the Mistress

Boy, Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca must have dirty photos of the owners of the New York Post in compromising positions with multiple farm animals, because this morning, the paper continues its full-scale assault on the All-Star, tracking down the 19-year-old college student who he allegedly cheated on his wife (the Playboy model) with.

Lo Duca sounds like quite the ladies man – having his teammates approach the then-18-year-old at a Long Island, New York bar with the always-cheesy, “do you know who that guy is?” line. Lo Duca got her number, then breezily texted her ‘Hi’ the same night (guess he never saw Swingers), and it was essentially on from there.

We’ve already received a few links to her purported Myspace profile, but we remain dubious – this girl, CrazyKrista, claims she is 21 and bisexual. Hmmm. Plus, she appears to be a Yankees fan, and in her blurb, she talks about a wanton lust for Tom Brady. Puzzling. Her friends however, are mostly from Oyster Bay, Long Island, which is where most of her “hanging out” (read: sex romps) with Lo Duca took place. Another reason we’re skeptical of the Myspace profile is that the Post claims she has a photo with Lo Duca, but we don’t see one. It is possible, however, that she took it down. You make the call – does this look like her?

If you have any interest in comparing the Myspace-using teenager to Lo Duca’s one-time Playboy wife, then this not-safe-for-work link is the place for you. On the plus side for the Mets, they’re having a grand ‘ol week in the vaunted New York tabloids, garnering both the front and back pages today, and relegating the Yankees to the interior.


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