Larry Bird Must Be Thrilled: A Strip Club, Some Weed, Gunshots, and Attempted Hit-and-Run. Go, Pacers!

The oh-so-dapper Stephen Jackson, last seen sprinting into the stands to throw haymakers at unruly fans two Novembers ago at the Palace in Auburn Hills, got into a bit of a tiff early this morning with a group of unknown men while taking three gun-toting Indiana Pacers on a field trip to Club Rio (that’s a strip club) in Indianapolis.

(Oh, that’s not fair – only three of the four Pacers were packing heat last night – some kid named Jimmie Hunter, who was signed as a free agent two months ago, wasn’t strapped. But Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels were! One of the Pacers had a “small amount of weed” in his possession, but unfortunately, said player’s name wasn’t released. Can you imagine? Four weeks until the season begins, and the Pacers have an incident involving weed, strippers, gun shots, a fight, and attempted hit-and-run. Who do these guys think they are, the Cincinnatica Bengals?)

It seems as if some rowdy patrons opened up some unfriendly communication with the Pacers quartet inside Club Rio, and wanting to avoid trouble, the ballers supposedly left. According to the Indy Star, when the Pacers left, the unknown assailants followed them outside, and the result was Jackson getting clocked with a punch. As he went to grab his piece, one of the thugs – police have yet to find them – attempted to run Jackson over with a blue Oldsmobile. In tough-guy fashion, Jackson popped off a few rounds from his 9 mm clip that apparently didn’t hit the intended target (the Olds, the driver, his passenger, etc). We’re hoping the footage winds up on You Tube.

Doesn’t this have a Hollywood feel to it? Come on, you know you can see DMX playing the role of Jackson.

The more we think about it, we’re not fans of Stephen Jackson. He’s a punk. He was a hotshot high school kid who thought he could make the leap from Oak Hill Factory Academy to the NBA. The ego on this guy. He ended up in Venezuela. And then Australia. And then the CBA. Sure, he’s not a bad three-point shooter, but what doesn’t scream dickhead about him? Enjoy 35 wins, pal.

If anyone out there truly thinks that as soon as trouble started in the strip club, Jackson said, ‘let’s head home, guys,’ you’re absolutely kidding yourself. What good can come of being at a strip club at 3 a.m.? Wait. Don’t answer that.

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