Have FSU Cowgirl/SI 'Columnist' Jenn Sterger Attend Your New Year's Eve Party for Just $600!

As we approach one of the most overrated nights of the year, New Year’s Eve, emails float around the net with ideas how to jazz up your party. An instant hit – pay a D-list celebrity to show up!

A tipster forwarded us an email that is currently making the rounds in which names such as the kids from Real World: Denver ($1,000 plus expenses), LOST’s Michelle Rodriguez ($15,000), and Ron Jeremy ($3,500 plus expenses for two people) are included.

Sandwiched between internet pin-up Cindy Margolis ($15,000 plus expenses for two people) and guitarist CC Deville ($5,000 plus expenses for two people): Sports Illustrated columnist Jenn Sterger.

For $600 (plus expenses), the legendary Florida State cowgirl can show up at your party and do … well, that’s not really specific. Surely, you can think of a few things.

The ad reads:

Jenn from FSU Cowgirls, Maxim and Playboy!

Only $600. plus expenses. 2 other ladies available if needed.
Exclusive to Esterman

We can only assume Sterger’s two friends are these two nymphets who joined the Cowgirl in a tasty Maxim spread a few months back.

You just know there’s a poor Gators fan who is begging his mom for spring for Sterger’s services right this very minute. How’s this for a triple: Christmas, New Year’s Eve with Jenn Sterger, and the National Championship, all in a two weeks span. And if we’re lucky, Sterger will write about this experience for SI.com!

Jenn Sterger Archive (Sports Illustrated.com)

[Update: Apparently, there are those of you who don’t believe this. However, you can find Sterger’s ad right here. She’s available for ‘bookings all over the country.’ We’re in for $25 if you book her and produce photos from the event.]

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