Mayo Prediction: He Won't End Up at USC. Not When the NCAA Looks Into This Guillory Guy.

Had enough of Mr. Don’t-Call-Me, I’ll-Call-You, OJ Mayo yet? Yesterday’s discussion was a healthy one, and the high school phenom’s story was so compelling, PTI led with it. The degree of amazement here is astronomical and leads to one question – so, who is this Ronald Guillory fellow who appeared like an apparition into Tim Floyd’s office at USC and delivered OJ Mayo to the Trojans?

Based on a tip here, we googled ‘Rodney Guillory’ (which is what he goes by) and presto, a bunch of dirt came up. There’s probably enough of a connection that A) the NCAA will get involved, B) Mayo may never end up at USC.

A Street Agent and ‘Runner.’ “When Mayo was a junior, I tried to set up and interview with him and got a call back from Guillory (who up to that point, I had never met in person or via phone) who told me he was O.J.’s manager. That didn’t go over well with Dwaine Barnes, Mayo’s “guardian” who complained to me — back when he still spoke to me — a few times about Guillory’s influence over Mayo because of the way Guillory seemed to lavish Mayo whenever Guillory was at the same tournament as the Greyhounds.€

Tito Maddox and Fresno St. From 2002: “Maddox had two run-ins with the NCAA regarding his relationship with Franchise Sports during the 2000-01 season. Maddox served an eight-game NCAA-sanctioned suspension to start the season because longtime friend, Rodney Guillory, deemed by the NCAA as a runner for the agency, paid for Maddox’s plane ticket to Las Vegas in late September 2000.€

The Jeff Trepagnier Connection. “Guillory already has a history with the NCAA, he was the one behind the Tito Maddox (Fresno) and Jeff Trepagnier (USC) suspensions. You have to be suspicious when you see a guy with such history hanging around a top player, even if it is harmless.€

Naturally, after enough searching, we found out that Gregg Doyel wrote about all of this back in October, which solidifies our point that the guy’s brilliant on college basketball. Sportsline is completely misusing him.

Any Mayo fans should read this brilliant profile in the LA Times last month that we somehow missed.

One last thing about Friday’s UNC-USC game: Go Trojans! We’ve got you +8 and Georgetown to take the regional, so make it happen.

Because you want to see it first!

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