Justin Henin is Either Not Shy About Her Herpes, or She's a Regular Sarah Silverman

This is French Open winner Justin Henin. Obviously, the photo isn’t from the tournament she won last week; the Parisian Clay isn’t purple. But don’t let the surface fool you.

The real story here is a gem of a find by Can’t Stop the Bleeding: Henin either doesn’t mind talking publicly about her herpes, or herpes = humor in Germany.

Q. Weren’t you afraid that the emotional side of things would have too much influence on that match?

JUSTINE HENIN: No, I didn’t panic. I knew I was not starting that match well. I can tell you, I had a horrible night. My herpes came out again, and I said to my doctor, “Well, I see everything is fine, it’s great.€

So, really, I was a bit anxious. But also, I really wanted to do well. And very early in the match, the match turned over. And then I knew I was going to be able to keep it up until the end.

There’s a Mike Vick-Ron Mexico joke to be made here, but we can’t quite find it. Surely you can.

We Sincerely Thank Justin Henin for Sharing (Can’t Stop the Bleeding)

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