Are You Ready for Matt Leinart's Child Support Battle?

Here’s a story that probably won’t make any of the mainstream media outlets: Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart has been extremely generous with his baby mama – reportedly giving her a car and about $6,000 per month, according to intrepid gossip site TMZ.com. However, the word is that the former USC basketball player is seeking $30,000 per month, and Leinart’s pissed (shocker!).

A court date is set for August 13. That’s two days after the Cardinals first preseason game against Oakland. We don’t know if Brynn Cameron was on track for a big payday in the WNBA, or what her grades were like. Maybe she was pursuing a career in law or she was a budding hedge fund superstar. But $360,000 a year? Man, those preschools in SoCal must be mad expensive.

Don’t you just love the NFL subplots? Between the arrests and Vick and the celebrity drama (Brady, Leinart), this could be the most fun NFL season in years. Our NFL previews start next week, and you can be damn sure the Vikings are dead last. The Cardinals will be firmly in the NFC playoff mix.

Baby Mama Forcing QB out of pocket? (TMZ.com)

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