There's a Chance Greg Oden is Dating This Dancing Machine

You’re familiar with this photo. Greg Oden getting his high school mack on with an unidentified Ohioan during his teenage years (supposedly his sophomore or junior year). There’s no way to verify this, since Log’s Blog found it on a message board, but the girl in this photo grinding on Oden (“she was backing up real good,” he told Miss Gossip) may or may not be his girlfriend.

Some guy’s cat’s brother’s nephew’s giraffe claims Oden is flying her in and out of Portland, and provided this photo of Greg and the dancing queen hugging at a hotel somewhere. There isn’t a ton to go on, and for all we know, this message board kid is just goofing around.

Nevertheless, we anxiously await Oden’s response in his blog.

Greg Oden’s Got a Girlfriend (Log’s Blog)

Because you want to see it first!

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