The Mack-Daddy Baseball Team

Does anyone actually use the phrase mack-daddy anymore? It’s very Sir Mix-A-Lot. Moving on … though we’re not sure why it happened, someone referenced Chuck Finley during our fantasy football draft last night (Kevin Arnold was a big topic of conversation as well). Naturally, laughter followed, and quickly, a discussion erupted about hot baseball wives. Our feeble mind began churning, and next thing you know … we compiled an entire team of baseball players with famous – or remotely famous – wives. All the links are safe, but the team lacks a closer and bullpen, but perhaps that’s where you can chime in.

C – Mike Piazza – The Hall of Fame, this team, and his wife is a Playmate. Solid.
1B – Russell Martin – Bit of a stretch, but he may have landed Alyssa Milano and catchers can play first, right?
2B – Aaron Boone – Played here early in his career … before he married a Playmate.
SS – David Eckstein – Normally Jeter moves for nobody … but we don’t know the background of the wife of Eric Chavez, so Eckstein (wife: Ashley Drane) fits here.
3B – Derek Jeter – Duh. Nice work here.
OF – Pat Burrell – Got Heather Mitts before AJ Feeley and James Blake.
OF – Scott Podesdnik – Lisa Dergan, yummy.
OF – Nick Swisher – Be careful if you google his girl, Danielle Gamba, at work.

SP – Cole Hamels – Busty reality TV wife.
SP – Barry Zito – Hilary Duff, briefly.
SP – Brad Penny – Eliza Dushku and Milano.
SP – Josh Beckett – LeeAnn Tweeden wasn’t a bad score.

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