Friday Night Lights Thoughts?

So what’s the verdict? Heart-stopping season opener? Too dark? Are you pissed (much hotter) Julie stalked that music douchebag when she’s dating Saracen? We’re probably not the best people to ask about such suchery – Lyla and Riggins could play Mahjong with Saracen’s grandma for an entire episode and we’d still be glued to the screen. (Strangely, we long ago lost this passion for any sports team, yet we feel this connected to FNL and Lost. Go figure.) Here’s the best review we’ve read – Nancy Franklin is money; she works in dunderheaded, milieu and alchemical about a show about high school football). The twist wasn’t that bad, was it? Ratings were up a bit, but that can be expected for a season premiere. We’ll be watching these closely – and ESPN should, too. We’ll say it again – if this show gets dropped by NBC, ESPN had better grab it.

Fans may keep Friday Night Date (TV Guide)

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