Who's Got the Better Athlete Resume, Alyssa Milano or Gabrielle Union?

So we all know Alyssa Milano is doing a bang-up job over at the Hot Corner. Her interviews make us want to ask her how the heck she’s remained so damn cute through the years. We also want to ask about a certain screen grab from Fear and just about everything from Poison Ivy II (NSFW).

But a friend – let’s call him TBL2 – offered a question that stumped us: Milano and Gabrielle Union have dated more athletes than any other celebrity on the planet, and in terms of bragging rights, who’s got it?

Milano’s had plenty of rumored hookups, but these four pitchers are the ones we’ll count: Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Carl Pavano. Props for Beckett, since he’s on his way to becoming a postseason legend. Penny … eh. It’s not like he’s a Hall of Famer. Zito was on his way to greatness, but he just had a terrible season in San Fran. No need to mention Carl Pavano, who has been a complete waste of space (and $39 million) since joining the Yankees.

Union has fluctuated between the NBA and the NFL, and even found time for a ballplayer: Jason Kidd, Chris Howard, Darren Sharper and Derek Jeter. According to wikipedia, Union and Kidd dated while they were superstar high school athletes (she went on to play college soccer), and may or may not have re-connected earlier this year. Hey … at least he’s a Hall of Famer. Chris Howard was her ex-husband, a running back at Michigan (he played with Brady!) who played for a minute in the NFL. Sharper’s a pretty good NFL defensive back with 50 career interceptions. Jeter? You know how he rolls. Hall of Fame on the field. Even more impressive off of it.

This one seems simple to us: Union. There’s probably some kind of trophy she deserves for nabbing athletes. Anyone got any ideas?

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