ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit Was Wrong: Les Miles Staying at LSU (Plus Video!)

Heard on the radio this morning that ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was reporting that “barring something extraordinary,” Les Miles was going to Michigan. Interesting. Didn’t know Kirk Herbstreit was working the phones. And here we thought he was just a talking head! Now, one-time TBL interview subject Jim Carty is reporting out of Ann Arbor that Les Miles is staying at LSU, and a press conference will happen at 1:45 today (video below) to announce it. No need for a mea culpa, Kirk. Unless you really think it’s necessary. (UPDATE: Miles came out firing at ESPN in his press conference. Pointed comments in the direction of Herbie. If Missouri and WVU win today, it’ll be a long Sunday in the Herbie Household.)

Feel free to use this as the college football thread of the day. BC is up 10-0 on VT. The Eagles scored a freak defensive TD and just tacked on a field goal. And now, it’s over: VT 30, BC 16. Tennessee leads LSU 7-3 but the Tigers are in the red zone late in the first quarter.

Because you want to see it first!

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