What Isiah Thomas Learned From Bobby Knight (Video)

One defense Isiah Thomas should have used in September during his infamous MSG trial: I learned it from Bobby Knight!

In Bobby Knight’s Unauthorized Biography, the authors describe a scene on page 148 in which Thomas, one-year removed from Indiana University, returned to Bloomington in 1982 to receive an award as the Hoosier celebrity of the year at a country club golf tournament. The book states that Thomas, presumably 21 at the time, was puzzled about what to say. Knight allegedly told him, “make jokes at his expense.” Thomas went on to drop the F-bomb and a few other curse words before teaching the largely white audience a new word: sunt. It means … we’ll let Isiah tell you. Apparently, this is the first time video has surfaced – or so our tipster claims. It’s all fun and games and laughter until Isiah silences the crowd with sunt. He looks to Bobby Knight, sees daggers in his former coach’s eyes (at the minimum, the look says, ‘proceed with caution’) … and then keeps going! We should warn you that the video contains some FOUL LANGUAGE.

Because you want to see it first!

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