Lucky for Her: Still No Dana Jacobson Video

We’re hearing that vodka-swilling ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson has been “talked to” by the higher-ups at the WWL about her excessive boozing at the painfully lame Mike & Mike Roast last weekend in Atlantic City. According to a source, Jacobson is one of the least-liked anchors in Bristol (complaining like a diva about having her do her own makeup is just one of the reasons), but plays “The Game” well with the suits and thus her antics at the roast have been chalked up as a screw-up that happens to guys all the time (at the Super Bowl in San Diego, we saw Stu Scott stumbling in the streets; at the Super Bowl in Jacksonville, we saw an out-of-control Chris Berman hammered beyond belief in a club).

But the overriding feeling is that Jacobson is in the clear – for now. Even though the Atlantic City Press painted a vivid picture (“ESPN anchor Dana Jacobson made an absolute fool of herself, swilling vodka from a Belvedere bottle, mumbling along and cursing like a sailor as Mike & Mike rested their heads in their hands in embarrassment. Griffin came to the podium to defend her after she was booed by the crowd. Ross eventually had to pull her off stage, too.”), someone who attended the roast passed along this message: “hard to describe what a fucking train-wreck she was.”

Because you want to see it first!

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