What's the Deal With Dwight Howard's Baby Mama?

Like, why is Royce Reed so angry? A reader directed us to her webpage, where she speaks in all caps (sample: “STATEMENT TO REPORTERS AND ANYONE POSTING ON BLOGS! TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SET OUT TO JUDGE ME AND TO EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY… I AM A HONORS COLLEGE GRADUATE WHO HAS WORKED MOST HER LIFE TO ACHIEVE WHAT I HAVE GAINED”). If you feel compelled to take a peek at her Myspace, by all means do so. The photos are swell. The tipster who sent us this link added that Reed was a Miami Heat dancer, and we should look into why she lost her job. Interesting, but we’ll pass. It probably has something to do with those private Myspace blog entries right before the Orlando Sentinel article came out, but we’re not going there. (Fine, we will, briefly: in one of them, she wasn’t very nice to Dwight, and the word condom was used.)

Because you want to see it first!

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