Coach's Wife: Leave My Husband Alone!

We’re not completely sure why bombastic radio host Paul Finebaum is continuously ripping Alabama and coach Mark Gottfried this season – Ronald Steele, one of the best point guards in the SEC, is out for the year, so anyone under the impression that the Tide should be in the NCAA tournament is delusional. Still, it probably makes for good radio to continuously call for the head of a coach (hell, people can make a career out of this). Until, of course, his wife comes after you. That’s what a blog is claiming (and a message board, too). Mark Gottfried’s wife apparently went up to Finebaum during Alabama’s beatdown of Auburn this weekend and ripped him a new one in front of 10,000 people (or whatever the attendance was). According to one poster, his wife yelled, ‘we’ve got five kids!’ to which another poster responded, ‘I could raise five kids on the buyout alone.’ Sweet. According to an Alabama paper, should that buyout happen, the school would need to pay Gottfried $3 million. If anyone listens to Finebaum’s radio show today, kindly do let us know what is said.

Did Coach Gottfried’s Wife Have a Confrontation With a Sports Talk Show Host? (Play is Under Review)

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