Devin Harris's Cyber Playmate Girlfriend, Meghan Allen, is Quite a Catch

Howard Stern introduced a new game today, “Are you dumb as a rock?” which means one of two things – Jay Leno will probably steal the idea and claim it as his own in a few weeks, or it’ll become a reality TV show on FOX next fall. One of the contestants was this beauty to your right, Meghan Allen (a slightly more revealing photo after the jump), who boasted of being the girlfriend of New Jersey Nets point guard Devin Harris.

You can imagine the instant line of questioning from Artie and Howard; it didn’t involve Harris averaging a career-high 22.8 ppg. Among her revelations: She was on Couples Fear factor in 2004; eventually got engaged to her boyfriend, and a month before the wedding, he knocked up another girl. She moved to Dallas, became a bartender (and a Cyber Playmate – NSFW), and one night, Devin Harris walked in with teammates.

Harris, then with the Mavericks, was apparently smitten, and the two became friends. Two years later, they’re dating and have met each other families (her grandparents don’t approve). If for whatever reason you remain on the fence about Megan, perhaps this video (You Tube, but still NSFW) will do the trick.

Other neat stats: She’s a 34C, and despite the relationship with Harris, she’s going to be on the show Momma’s Boys next week on NBC.

Probably the best exchange was between Artie and Meghan:
Artie: Do you live here with Devin?
Meghan: No, but I come here every week or every other week.
Artie (snicker): Do you think he’s cheating on you?
Meghan: No (you can hear her big smile), he loves me, he wouldn’t do that.
Artie (laughter): Whatever.

Megan Allan.net (Lots of NSFW material, so peruse as your own risk)

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