Blogging About Your Employer is Never Smart, and That Includes ESPN

If you were out Monday on the MLK holiday, you may have missed it: ESPN.com, which is slashing its freelance budget, decided to dial back its college sports coverage, and one of its top college hoops bloggers, Kyle Whelliston, decided to write about it. “I was given advance warning that ESPN.com is planning 50 percent cuts to its college sports coverage, and I was put on notice that my contributions would likely be halved in the new year.”

Big mistake.

That post went up on Friday; we hear that on Saturday, ESPN.com editor David Albright noticed the post. On Tuesday, Whelliston was “relieved of all of his duties,” presumably for dishing about the inner workings of the Worldwide Leader. Silly move to blog about getting downsized? Certainly. Excessive move to fire the kid? Prolly.

Lesson learned, kiddies: Whenever discussing employment, especially with a massive entity like ESPN, blog with caution.

(Full disclosure: We did not bother try and confirm the Albright part with ESPN; he made it clear long ago that he doesn’t want his college writers talking to this website, even if they wanted to. Whelliston didn’t respond to an email.)

Because you want to see it first!

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