Erin Andrews May Find This Interesting

Erin Andrews May Find This Interesting


Erin Andrews May Find This Interesting

Remember the time last summer Erin Andrews glided into the Cubs clubhouse in this sundress, and Lou Pinella asked if it was a fashion show? Come on, of course you remember it! The internet couldn’t stop talking about this for like, a week. The story got a major shove from a writer in Chicago named Mike Nadel. Recently, Nadel became a victim of the cutbacks in newspapers.

Not sure if you’ve heard by now, but my column-writing career is kaput. Like most of the newspaper industry (and many other industries these days), GateHouse Media is having major financial problems and it was determined that the one sure way to solve them was to eliminate my $4.6 million salary. So I’m gone … and the company is saved!!

Karma? Even though L’Affaire Andrews is probably one of a handful of Nadel columns we’ve read, he seems like a guy who’s not afraid go places other journalists might shy away from. Perhaps in his new career, his blog can scrutinize the Chicago media.

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