TJ Simers Mocks the Dog Show and Outraged, Humorless Readers Wish Death Upon Him

TJ Simers took his column on the road last week to the Westminster Dog show. We do our best to completely ignore the Dog Show, but Simers penned three outstanding columns about the annual mess in Manhattan. Readers in Los Angeles, for whatever reason, flipped out. Over a column mocking a dog show.

I will be contacting the L.A. Times to ensure that you never find work again. Furthermore, I plan to petition all the animal-related advertisers in your fine publication. I plan to bring to their attention the ‘opinion’ of the L.A. Times. You may not contact me back.

Then much much more of it here, and the anger was so overwhelming, that the paper’s public editor wrote about it. (Do read the comments section.) It’s junk like this that makes us wonder if there will be a positive reaction from anybody (besides us) to Mike Vick’s return this season. The 49ers are ruling out Vick, but wait until these dog lovers find out about it. If San Fran does make a move on the former convict, all they’d have to do is dump Alex Smith and they’d become our 2nd favorite team next season. There’s no playoffs with Alex Smith at the helm.

Columnist T.J. Simers goes to the doghouse (LA Times)

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