Brackets Are Out! Joe Lunardi Goes Into Hiding For 11 Months, Ponders Advanced Degree in Bracketology

It’s become a ritual now: We broke out the clipboard, put pen to paper, and quickly scribbled the brackets as they were released. It’s so geeky and fun. And even better when we realized that we nailed the field! In this post earlier today, we went 65-for-65. Yeah, us! Go play our bracket game.

We’ll probably devote half-a-dozen posts to the brackets tomorrow, so spit out first impressions now, sleep on them, and then feel free to change it all tomorrow. Go play our bracket game.

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, the Bracketology Godfather, went 65-for-65 last year. This year, he had Memphis as a No. 1 seed, and Minnesota and Arizona missing the cut. Oops. He had to settle for 63-for-65.64-for-65.  Bracket game. Go. Now.

Because you want to see it first!

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