Wonder if Jim Calhoun's Health and the Impending NCAA Investigation Make This His Final Year in Storrs

This sinewy gentleman on the right is Nate Miles. UConn coach Jim Calhoun once said that the 6-foot-7 Miles possessed “as much basketball ability” as any player he’d ever brought to Connecticut. Turns out that the Huskies broke all sorts of rules to land Miles – who was expelled from UConn for violating a restraining order – and you can be sure that after reading this explosive Yahoo report, one of the NCAA’s first orders of business this morning was to open a file into the sordid web of Calhoun, Miles, former UConn assistant coach Tom Moore, and NBA agent-cum-UConn student-manager Josh Nochimson.

Even the UConn message board denizens are panicking. Usually, the die-hard fanboys brush these reports off as the media trying to take a program down, but the 6-month investigation was meticulously reported – down to phone calls Calhoun made to Nochimson, the agent – and almost makes one wonder if perhaps last week’s mystery illness that put Calhoun in the hospital may have been a byproduct of this story.

Miles, an academic basketcase who hopscotched to five high schools in four states before landing in Storrs, got in trouble almost immediately.

Miles was a 20-year-old freshman when he finally gained his eligibility and enrolled at UConn for a summer session in June of 2008. On Sept. 22, a 19-year-old female student turned Miles into campus police, alleging that he physically and sexually assaulted her. She said that he ground his nails into her leg when she wouldn’t have sex with him, slapped her and became possessive of her. The campus police arrested Miles on Sept.25 and issued a restraining order.

Within 16 minutes of being served the order, Miles called the woman. He was charged with a felony for violating a restraining order and referred to counseling which could lead to the charges being dropped. The case is pending in Connecticut superior court.

On Oct. 2, before UConn held its first official practice, the university expelled Miles. Patterson, Miles’ guardian, told the Hartford Courant that the player had been “railroaded.”

The best part? Even after he was expelled, and briefly flirted with the D-League before landing at the College of Southern Idaho, UConn kept recruiting the kid. That’s ballsy.

Probe: UConn violated NCAA rules (Yahoo Sports)

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