Add This to the Athlete-Celebrity Files: Camilla Belle and Tennis Player Fernando Verdasco

Camilla Belle’s an actress who has been in a few clunkers – When a Stranger Calls and 10,000 BC – but is gorgeous enough to be a stalked by photographers. She’s got the classic Hollywood girl-next-door look, and reminds us of a blend of Natalie Wood and Patsy Kensit (pre-work). And apparently, she’s the latest celebrity to begin dating an athlete. The lucky guy is tennis player Fernando Verdasco, who is known more for his faux-hawk than his backhand, but is ranked 9th in the ATP. There’s a good series of photos here of the couple hanging out during the day, Belle sitting in his box during the Indian Hills tournament, and then hanging out at night.

Andy Roddick, whose marriage to Brooklyn Decker is coming up, is not impressed.

Except that Verdasco is dangerously close to over-taking Roddick in the ladies department as the definite tennis lothario: He’s dated tennis player Gisela Duko, actress Dafne Fernandez, model Priscila de Gustin, and briefly, Ana Ivanovic.

Because you want to see it first!

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