Jim Calhoun Did Not Sleep Well Last Night

UConn Violations Update: Even the Hartford Courant came down surprisingly hard on Calhoun and Connecticut the day after Yahoo dropped a bomb on the program. SI’s Seth Davis claims the NCAA has already contacted UConn and asked the school to look into Yahoo’s allegations. And ESPN is reporting that Ater Majok, who becomes eligible in December of 2009, may be embroiled with the former UConn student-manager, Josh Nochimson, who was tight with Nate Miles. We can totally see UConn trying to skate by with the “he never played a minute for us” card … and perhaps it works, resulting in only a light slap on the wrist, like maybe a reduction of scholarships or something. Here’s to the Huskies doing the ‘rally ’round coach’ thing and beating Purdue and eventually winning the National title.

Because you want to see it first!

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