Confirmed: Udonis Haslem Cannot Believe the State of Florida

Udonis Haslem attended high school in Jacksonville, played college hoops for the Gators and has spent all six of his NBA seasons with the Heat, but this tattoo of Florida is off the charts.

It’s hard to say where this ranks among those hilarious hockey tattoos in terms of walking stupidity, but in case he has any room on his chest, here’s a list of tattoo possibilities to help further increase the idiot factor:

– His entire page from Basketball-Reference.

– A half-finished Mad Libs story.

– The names of all the booty he’s heroicly crushed, kind of like DMX in “What These Bitches Want.”

– A list of things in his friend’s apartment.

Old school David Stern.

– A blank Etch a Sketch.

Mourning’s leg.

– Fake chest hair, in what would be a touching nod to the fake tuxedo shirt.

– New Jersey.

Because you want to see it first!

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