Former Colleague of Selena Roberts Relentlessly Rips to Shreds New A-Rod Book

The New A-Rod Book: Former New York Times baseball writer Murray Chass calls the new Selena Roberts book a “journalistic abomination” and hammers her much harder than Whitlock. He drives her head into the turnbuckle a dozen times. “There is far too much in this attack book for Roberts to expect readers to take it on faith that her anonymous sources are real and they can be trusted … Roberts and I were once colleagues at The New York Times, and I can’t say she established that credibility. She also didn’t strike me as being a top-flight reporter … I should also disclose that after Roberts became a columnist for the Times I found her baseball columns to be shallow and superficial, and she demonstrates her lack of baseball knowledge in the book … The book is big on innuendo. In fact, her use of it should earn Roberts the title of Queen of Innuendo.” (Murray Chass)

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