The Piling On Selena Roberts Continues: Salon, Toronto Sun, ESPN

A-Rod vs. Selena Roberts: “Most irresponsible of all, Roberts accuses the union of warning the players that their drug tests were coming up, an old charge that stems back to the 2007 Mitchell Report on drug use in baseball. If Roberts had bothered to check the basic agreement between the owners and players, she would have found that there was no provision for letting the union know when drug tests were scheduled — that’s pretty much the definition of “random” testing — and therefore no way the union could have “tipped” players … In any event, the idea that the union could avoid a positive test by alerting a player to an upcoming drug test is silly.” Also: ESPN wouldn’t have Roberts on air because she went to the MLB Network and the Today show first; a Toronto Sun columnist says Roberts lifted a few of his quotes for a story and credited the Toronto Star. Roberts nor the paper’s ombud ever got back to him. (Salon)

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