What is Making Kevin Garnett's Head Swell?

He embarrassed himself on the sidelines in the Bulls series, consistently dropping F-bombs when the camera was on him. And then there’s this photo of KG classlessly screaming at Ben Gordon following Boston’s lucky game five triumph. For a guy with a checkered history of picking on much smaller competitors, all of this likely vaulted Garnett into exalted status as biggest prick in the NBA.

Clearly, last year’s championship went to his head – the guy boasted this week that Boston will take the title in the next two seasons. What a joke. In his old age, KG’s become as clueless as he is mouthy. Boston’s bench, so impressive in the 2008 NBA FInals, could lose Leon Powe and Big Baby Davis to free agency. The Big Three will be a year older. Orlando’s improved. One can only assume the Cavs will make a splash to appease LeBron. Philadelphia should be better. Charlotte may be on the rise, and with the right draft pick, could become a top six team in the East.

We want to make a bold, ‘no title for Boston in 2010, no way’ but we have to see how the draft and free agency play out. So we’ll say (unscientifically, of course) there’s a 97 percent chance the Celtics don’t capture a title in 2010.

Because you want to see it first!

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