Is ESPN Tinkering with Bill Simmons Podcasts Again?

Bill Simmons: Saw his tweet about a podcast with Dan LeBatard, and decided to give it a listen. He comes out of the gate talking about his old friend Jason Whitlock. Simmons: “I might still do PTI, but I’m going to do it with Jason Whitlock, you’re out [Dan] … actually, I don’t know if Whitlock’s allowed on ESPN.” LeBatard: “Oh that’s true, he’s not.” Simmons: “Can we bring Whitlock back to the fold? I don’t understand why this has to be this way … I think the company in the last two years has been going in a really good direction …” and then abruptly, the conversation jumps to an entirely different topic. (Give the guy who edited the podcast credit – there’s only the briefest of pauses before “especially creatively;” the segue is also right into an ESPN promotion.) You keep listening, waiting for him to finish his thought on Whitlock … it never happens. (Bill Simmons Podcast)

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Because you want to see it first.

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