The Day Before the Draft, We Reveal the Lottery ... of NBA Wives and Girlfriends

1 Adriana Lima (Maric Jaric’s wife)- The Blake Griffin of NBA wives. Pretty flawless all-around game; has the makings of a franchise player.
2 Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife) – Bit of a sleeper, unless you ask Karl Malone, who didn’t hide his lust for her back in 2004: “I’m hunting for little Mexican girls.”
3 Hope Dworaczyk (Jason Kidd’s girlfriend) – The Tyreke Evans of the draft? Everyone likes what they’ve seen, but she’s probably a couple of years away from her time, having recently posed for Playboy.
4 Aléka Kamilá (Peja Stojakovic’s wife) – A workout wonder that nobody really talks about – Demar DeRozan? – perhaps because she’s a greek model.
5 Eva Longoria (Tony Parker’s wife) – A bit undersized, but still impressive. Think Jonny Flynn; was this her Rutgers dunk moment?
6 Heidi Battier (Shane’s wife) – After inquiring with a few confidants about his project, she soared on everyone’s board, sort of like Stephen Curry.
7 Tamia (Grant Hill’s wife) – When you talk body of work – singing career, appeared on 90210 – Jordan Hill comes to mind. Solid, but unspectacular.
8 Yeliz Okur (Mehmet’s wife) – The former Miss Turkey has been off your radar due to her life overseas – Brandon Jennings? – but then you see a picture, you know she’s definitely a lottery pick.
9 LaLa Vazquez (Carmelo Anthony’s fiancee) – Comes to the NBA with some baggage and questions, but still capable of an outstanding performance when needed. Terrence Williams?
10. Gabrielle Union (Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend) – Has been around for awhile, been through a lot, but still has the skills you want in a lottery pick. Tyler Hansbrough?
11 Meghan Allan (Devin Harris’s girlfriend) – In the Earl Clark mold – great on paper, great highlight reel, but upon further inspection … you’re not sure if they’ll be on the roster in a couple years.
12 Brandi Garnett (KG’s wife) – Has to be Jrue Holiday. Flashy game, dynamite skill set, but nobody’s really seen what she’s capable of.
13 Gu Chen (Sun Yue’s girlfriend) – The Ricky Rubio of this draft. Huge in the Far East, but a relative unknown here because few have seen enough to break down her game. Well done, Laker benchwarmer.
14 Masha Kirilenko (AK-47’s wife) – Very solid, great personality, a leader … James Harden?

Wishing they’d come back to the league, if only for a day, specifically for this project: Scottie Pippen and Rony Seikaly.

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