David Kahn, New GM of the Timberwolves: A Toxic Blend of Isiah Thomas and Chris Wallace

We could understand the firing of Kevin McHale. The stockpiling of draft picks – while parting with the team’s best backcourt scorer – was beyond questionable. And then, in what ESPN’s Chad Ford called “one of the all-time, mind-boggling moves in draft history,” Minnesota drafted two pure point guards at 5 and 6. Within an hour, Ricky Rubio’s agent was begging the T-Wolves to deal him to the Knicks; his parents applied pressure by saying Rubio could return to Spain for 1-2 years. The team’s twittering star, Kevin Love, had hoped the team would go with Davidson’s Stephen Curry.

Don’t be surprised to see Rubio’s agent, Dan Fegan, put pressure on his media buddies to all hammer the Wolves for the pick, possibly driving that coveted trade. The backlash to Kahn’s clumsiness was captured greatly here:

Bill Simmons: “5:11: I’m in “Star Trek II” mode right now. “Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn!!!!!!” So stupid. I’m never trusting a guy who worked as a TV consultant, a sports writer and a stadium campaign organizer to run an NBA team again.”

Brash Brandon Jennings, who supposedly outplayed Flynn at a Golden State workout, was puzzled, too. It’s nothing against Jonny Flynn; it just makes zero sense. Both are dominate-the-ball PGs. Just a guess, but he won’t be in the NBA next season.

Some other first-round ruminations:

* Chad Ford had Jrue Holiday at 4 to the Kings for weeks. He was probably listening to Holiday’s agent (Fegan) too much; Holiday fell to the 76ers at 17. We’re indifferent about the pick. But shamelessly, here’s what we had the Kings doing the day after the lottery. Squirrel, nut, etc, Part I.
* When the NBA regular season was near completion, we attempted to project at the lottery. Four of those kid stayed in college.
* The least intelligent interview on ESPN last night – Jordan Hill of the Knicks.
* Lucky: Ty Lawson goes to Denver to learn from Chauncey Billups and play in an up-tempo offense.
* As bad as the Bucks have drafted, we’re bullish on the Jennings pick. And Jodie Meeks in the 2nd round is a nice grab.

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