Really, Really Hoping that the Bucks Don't Try to Muzzle the Brash Brandon Jennings

For a pinprick of insight into what the Milwaukee Bucks got with lottery pick Brandon Jennings, here’s video of the 19-year-old on the phone with rapper Joe Budden. Warning: Keep the volume low, as it is NSFW due to language, and excessive use of a certain racial epithet.

Let’s say you’re a Bucks front office executive, or a season ticket holder, or just a fan, and you see this video. What’s the reaction? [Edit: Though he has yet to comment, it seems clear that Jennings had no idea this conversation was recorded.]

A 19-year-old who never could achieve the necessary qualifying scores to get into college is on the phone with a friend sounding … well, probably like a lot of 19-year-old kids who grew up in Compton. Giddy about being a millionaire. Letting the salty language fly. Full of braggadocio. This five-minute peek into what he’s really like will likely be more insightful than anything he gives the media throughout his rookie season. Hell, the Bucks probably will begin his media training today. (His twitter account has been deleted.)

Tough to peg Jennings’ ROY chances – what if the Bucks resign Sessions? Then Jennings doesn’t play and probably pouts (which, based on the last three weeks, could be a good thing for bloggers). If they let Sessions walk – that’s the smart move – they go into a rebuilding season and probably get to find out early what this mouthy punk is made of. Based on the little we’ve seen of Jennings, we’d take that chance.

After dealing Jefferson, why not see what you can get for Redd to a contender? Teams that shot the three poorly last season that could use him: Dallas, Philly, Miami, Utah. Who knows, maybe all the hype around Amir Johnson the last couple of seasons is legit? Can 2008 lottery pick Joe Alexander play? (Don’t answer that.)

Whatever they do, we hope Jennings figures prominently.

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