Louts: Philadelphia Phillies Fans

Phillies Fans Remain an Embarrassment: “You know the highlights: booing Santa, cheering Michael Irvin’s apparent paralysis, a stadium that required its own courtroom to handle the volume of arrests for drunken hooliganism. You can’t help but know them, because they are recited like a litany every time some national broadcaster or journalist or blogger wants to take an easy shot at Philadelphia and its sports fans. Two incidents Saturday reinforce the city’s national image and raise, for roughly the billionth time, the question of why Philadelphia seems to be the epicenter of horrific fan behavior.” The first was a fight outside of the stadium in which three animals jumped and killed a 22-year-old; the 2nd was the laser pointer incident. How will bombastic radio host Mike Missanelli – a hater of bloggers – defend this one? [Inquirer]

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