Fans of Ben Roethlisberger Berate His Accuser with Threatening Phone Calls

andrea-mcnultyWho still has a land line? And if you do, doesn’t caller ID come standard with every phone these days. If you’re going to make a threatening phone call – which is very 1993, considering that we’re in the midst of the information age – who leaves a message? (Possible exception: If you make the call from a pay phone. We do not endorse that, obviously.)

The woman said people have left phone messages calling her a “whore” and threatening that “something’s going to happen” if she did not drop the lawsuit, according to the police report filed July 30 … One was a threatening call from a male caller in Miami who spoke with a Russian accent and identified himself as Shad Winters, the police report said. Deputies left word on the man’s answering machine not to call the woman again and warned him he could face possible criminal charges, the report said. Another phone number was from a caller in Pittsburgh, according to sheriff’s deputies, who have advised the woman to get an unlisted phone number. All the calls were from men, except one call with “squealing girls,” the report said.

She didn’t think to get an unlisted number before filing the lawsuit? Perhaps more interesting than the story itself – geeky Steelers fans held an all-night vigil for Big Ben after his few head-first into a windshield; that they’re harassing this woman is sad, but hardly surprising – is that the Pittsburgh papers continue to withhold her name as if it’s not already out there (obviously if this were a criminal case instead of civil, her name would be withheld). The Post Gazette‘s story about the threatening phone calls is very watered down. All that info from above? Associated Press.

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