Five Hours Left for the Scott Boras to Temper His Greed and Get Stephen Strasburg to Washington

The Nationals have reportedly offered a record $12.5 million to the No. 1 pick in June’s draft, Stephen Strasburg. (Previous record: $10.5 million to Mark Prior; he has won 42 games in his career, and appears to be done.) His agent, the notoriously greedy Scott Boras, wants closer to $50 million. Washington, which couldn’t sign last year’s first-round pick, has until midnight to lock him up or Strasburg goes back into the draft next year. It seems highly unlikely a deal will get done; if Strasburg were smart, he’d ditch Boras and take his $12.5 million tonight instead of risky injury or something else in the year he’s not making any money. (Here’s a look at how few 1st rounders have actually signed.)

Two NFL preseason games to pass the time while the clock ticks down to midnight: Jacksonville at Miami, and the Panthers at the Giants. Will a Giants WR step up and become a go-to guy for Eli Manning? (Non MNF news: Marc Bulger broke a finger in practice and he’ll be out a couple weeks. Kyle Boller, who we hear dominated the Baltimore bar scene during his days as a Ravens, takes over at QB.)

The baseball slate should be highlighted by the Yankees taking BP over Brett Tomko. If you’re lucky, his wife (playmate Julia Schultz NSFW) will be at the game and the cameras will give her some air time. Speaking of girlfriends …

Ernie Johnson knows ‘talent‘ when he sees it.

Because you want to see it first!

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