Well, That'll Probably be the Last Time SI's Jon Heyman Goes on Mike Wise's Radio Show

Mike Wise is a columnist at the Washington Post. He previously wrote for the NY Times. He’s a talented writer, and we also hear a bit … goofy, which could be the reason he’s got a new radio show in DC. After the Nationals signed Stephen Strasburg, Wise invited the guy who broke the story, Jon Heyman, onto his radio show. The first five minutes were standard-issue stuff, and then, out of the blue, Wise goes, “we’re talking with Jon Heyman, the Sports Illustrated senior writer, and also complete lackey for Scott Boras.” The four minutes that followed were spectacularly awkward. Audio after the jump.

Wise-vs-Heyman Audio

Cultivating and maintaining relationships with agents and executives is standard-operating procedure for reporters. You break a lot of stories, and people are going to start talking – probably in a negative way. Is Wise upset because his paper was beaten on the story by Heyman?

As for Boras, sure, we always knock the guy as a greedy jerk who is bad for the game … but damn if he’s not great at what he does. You’ve got to be pretty good if you’re the reason that MLB is going to fix its draft.

Because you want to see it first!

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