Note to Michael Beasley: When You Take a Picture of Your New Tattoo, Clear the Suspicious Plastic Bags Off the Table

michael beasley tattooMichael Beasley of the Miami Heat got a new tattoo this week: “Super Cool Beas” which is probably his way of saying to the world that he is super cool. When he had someone take the photo, a mysterious plastic bag was rolled up on the table.


Of course basketball fans are speculating what was in the bag. Considering Beasley’s history of bad photos (rookie transition camp was a nightmare for the No. 2 pick in 2008), everyone is thinking the worst. Miami’s probably wishing it had pushed harder to trade him.

As often as we note that we leaned Durant > Oden … we’re kicking ourselves for thinking Beasley should have been Chicago’s choice over Rose in 2008.

Is that Weed on Michael Beasley’s Table? (BSO)

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