Ending a Busy Week with a Sophomoric Gif: Michelle Beadle Enjoying a Hot Dog on TV

this chick is hotBusy week: WAGs ruled, Rick Pitino ranted, unemployed Billy Gillispie got a DUI, Vick played, and we went to Bristol. Whew. These two lovebirds? Nicole Scherzinger and her car-racing boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton.

After the jump, a reader sent in gif that was made for busy Fridays: Sportsnation’s Michelle Beadle eating a hot dog.


Weekend plans: If you stop by the site and we’re down, fear not – it’s the server changeover. We’ll try to minimize downtime, but these things take some time. If you’re in the northeast, try to stay dry. To all: This will be your last weekend without college football. Spend it with your wife/girlfriend because very soon, you’re weekends will be consumed with college and pro football. We’ll leave you with a smattering of links:

- The struggles of Bill Belichick’s coaching tree
– Douchy Rob Dibble blocked someone on his twitter, and they’re upset
– What’s the deal with the 5-man rotation?

And what better way to end the week than with Tim Tebow in the New York Times?

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