Mike Wilbon No More: He's Now "World Wide Wilbon"

julia-allison-michael-wilbon-krystal-kahler-miamiAt least that’s the plan at the Washington Post, according to an eagle-eyed reader. The paper has given Mike Wilbon a new page and a new moniker in an effort to provide a “catchy way of packaging my insights … thoughts and opinions.” Smart move by the paper. Instead of having their big-salaried writers opining on another medium – ahem, twitter – why not just give them a larger platform that can actually drive revenue? Other papers – such as the NY Times and LA Times are doing the opposite – they have all their writers on twitter, where they occasionally try to direct readers to stories in their respective paper. The problem, of course, comes when Wilbon finds out how much work it takes to keep these things fresh and updated. (This is not our way of saying that blogging is difficult; but it sure is laborious.) If he thinks simply popping on every morning to bang out 300 words on whatever, is going to cut it, he’s got no idea. How much incentive does a guy who makes over a million bucks a year have to go to “World Wide Wilbon” five times a day and lob bon mots at readers and update his page?

[We do have a new favorite mainstream media tagline, however: “Not just another sorry, no-account sports blog.”]

He’s got a family, a baby, a TV show, a newspaper column, a hectic travel schedule … good luck, Mike. “World Wide Wilbon” seems to still be a work in progress – we surmise at some point, a quick-witted intern will be hired – but one thing is for sure: There will be lists! [World Wide Wilbon]

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