Dez Bryant on Facebook: 'I went to Deion Sanders' house, and I lied to the NCAA about it' [UPDATE]

dez-bryant-oklahoma-stateDez Bryant, the fantastic Oklahoma State wide receiver who is a certain NFL 1st round pick when he enters the draft, has been ruled ineligible by the idiots that run the NCAA. While the OSU press released didn’t detail how Bryant was connected with a former NFL player, the star receiver told the world on his Facebook hours ago, according to a reader who is “friends” with him:

“This is why I’m suspended…..I went to Deion sanders house ….and the NCAA found out…..they ask me if I been to his house I told them no…I thought it was a violation…but it wasn’t… so I told them I went to his house… I lied to …them and I shouldn’t have….and I’m not suspended for the rest of the season….I’m sorry osu!!”

The NCAA had better right this wrong before Oct. 31st. That’s when the Cowboys host Texas in what might be the Longhorns’ biggest hurdle in its quest to reach the BCS title game.

If you were in doubt about the Facebook posting, our tipster has taken a screen grab:


Because you want to see it first!

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