Landry Jones' Girlfriend, Basketball Player Whitney Hand, is Not a Fan of His Mustache

whitney-hand-landry-jones-oklahomaLandry Jones, the mustachioed Oklahoma quarterback, is dating Sooners’ basketball player Whitney Hand (better photo of her here). At Big 12 media day this week, Hand – the reigning Big 12 freshman of the year – was asked about the whole mustache thing: “He’s just really lazy and so, before the BYU game, he wasn’t really expecting to get that much TV time. So he just didn’t shave. Then, it became this huge deal. Students made shirts. I was like, ‘Landry, you have to shave that. Like, you have to shave it. It’s disgusting.’ He was like, ‘I can’t.’ And all the students would go crazy if he had shaved it. He didn’t end up shaving it until after the Miami (Fla.) game when they lost.” [LJW]

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