If the Cab Driver is Telling the Truth, Aqib Talib Will Probably Be Suspended for a Few Games

Cabbie Aqib Talib Pounded Talks: “I’m looking forward to telling the judge what happened, that just all of a sudden this guy hit me in the back of the head while I’m driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour. It felt like a hammer. I only remember him hitting me once. I got like a concussion, fluid in one ear and blood in another. I’ve had headaches since then. …I’m unable to work. I’ve got injuries to my neck and I go to therapy twice a week … Torrie Cox in the back seat, if he didn’t grab Talib he probably would have hit me again … Crowell sitting next to me put his arm up by my head like to protect me. And he yelled, ‘Hey man, what are you tyring to do, kill us?’ Shit, Cox and Crowell didn’t want any part of Talib then, and then when the police got there.” [Joe Bucs Fan]

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