Maria Sharapova Dating Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers

maria-sharapova-dating-sasha-vujacic-lakers-tennismaria-sharapova-dating-sasha-vujacic-tennisMaria Sharapova, the tennis star, was recently spotted at a U2 concert with Sasha Vujacic of the Lakers. (Vujacic was once was “involved” with Paris Hilton.) A couple people tweeted it. The story made its away around the web faster than a Sharapova serve. Vujacic was asked about the budding romance last night in Oklahoma City. He admitted to liking tennis, and said “I know” when reporters tried to bait him by saying how nice and smart Sharapova was. Then, he told the reporters to go ask Lamar Odom about his personal life. Then, everyone made jokes about Sharapova helping Vujacic find his jumper. [Inside the Lakers, Sharapova in SI, Twitter, SBB]

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