Bob Stoops Speaks About Notre Dame

Bob Stoops and Notre Dame: “There’s not even a job (open) at Notre Dame. That’s ridiculous. Some guy makes stuff up.” And the non-denial denials begin. A columnist in Oklahoma offers reasons why Stoops shouldn’t leave, and why Oklahoma is a “better” job (completely subjective), and how these rumors fly every year. That last part is kind of a joke – the Sooners have been in a BCS bowl six of the last seven years (2005) – and the team has returned key pieces almost every year this decade, so there was no reason for him to leave. But the 2010 team is certainly not stacked. Assuming the junior standouts (McCoy, Murray) bolt after seeing what happened to Sam Bradford, it’ll be a rebuilding year, perhaps with 3-4 losses (schedule includes out-of-conference games against Florida State and Cincinnati). We’ll make a bold, silly prediction you can rip next fall – Missouri will have a better record than OU next year, assuming Blaine Gabbert doesn’t get hurt. As for Notre Dame … even the local media, which occasionally breaks out the pom-poms for the Irish, want Weis out. [Oklahoman]

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