Is Bill Simmons Serving an ESPN-Imposed 2-Week Suspension From Twitter? [UPDATE]

Bill Simmons had a book signing in Beaverton, Oregon last night, and a reader who attended wrote in that he “overheard” ESPN’s Sports Guy telling a fan that he was “suspended from tweeting for two weeks” and that all he was allowed to tweet about was his book tour. We went to the usually-forthcoming Simmons this morning, and here was his response: “no commento.”

We’ve been sifting through Simmons’ twitter to try and understand what ESPN could possibly have “suspended” him for, and we’ve got nothing. Digs at Dan Dierdorf? Gambling? A boobs reference to Paranormal Activity? It all seems pretty docile, unless ESPN is upset that Simmons aggressively attacks (deservedly, in our opinion) the ineptness of Mike Dunleavy.

Best we can tell, Simmons is the first ESPN writer to be suspended from twitter (how asinine does that sound?) since the WWL reminded everyone this summer to be careful tweeting.

[UPDATE: A few readers have pointed out that his tweet last week blasting WEEI could have landed him in hot water … since WEEI and ESPN recently hopped in bed together.]

[UPDATE II: 12:15 pm] A reader notes there is video of Simmons no-commenting his “twitter ban” around the :37 mark.]

Because you want to see it first!

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