Stephen A. Smith Won't Give Up His Social Commentary Options on TV, Remains at Odds with Philadelphia Inquirer

Stephen A. Smith: He’s back at the Philadelphia Inquirer, but strangely, all of his Allen Iverson news is appearing on Fox Sports (Smith has a radio show on Fox). Why are the two sides at an impasse? “It’s really about not appearing on television on anything unrelated to sports. That’s their position … I have no problem with any policy that’s already been in place that everybody has to fall under. My issue is making sure that I’m being treated fairly, you understand? And if I’m not treated fairly, you’ve known me long enough to know that I’m not going to stand by and take anybody mistreating me in a manner they’re not treating anybody else. That’s me. That’s the way that I’ve been and I’m not going to change.” The Inquirer is paying him (one would imagine that includes health benefits) while both sides sort this mess out. Calling it a “mess” might actually be kind. [SRI]

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