Jets Have Found the Secret: Play a Bad Team, Play Some Defense, and Rarely Throw

“Did he look it in? Absolutely? In fact, he looked it right into his face.” Fortunately for Braylon Edwards, he made up for it with a tough catch-and-run red zone score (video below) in the second quarter that helped the Jets beat the Bills 19-13 in a pretty unwatchable game. The Jets defense did its part, holding the Bills to 194 yards, registering three sacks of flustered Ryan Fitzpatrick, and creating two turnovers. So why the hell was this still a game the Jets could lose with three minutes left?

Because Mark Sanchez got hurt – this column is silly; Sanchez needed to dive on the play or he wouldn’t have gotten the 1st down – the offense sagged in the second half, specifically the passing game. Not going to win many games when you complete eight passes … unless you’re playing a cellar-dweller like Buffalo, who you can run (259 yards) all over. It was a very similar offense showing to New York’s 38-0 win over Oakland when Sanchez completed nine passes, the team rushed for 316 yards, and the defense generated four turnovers.

This plan could work for two more games to get the Jets to 8-6, but there’s absolutely no way they’re going to beat Indy with this dreadful offense. We firmly believe a defensive pick – preferably CB, safety will suffice – is the first round priority, and then after that, they should grab a wide receiver in the 2nd round.Will it be too early to grab Minnesota’s Eric Decker? Jordan Shipley of Texas? Will Mardy Gilyard of Cincinnati be off the board? What about Golden Tate?

And yes, we still want to keep Braylon Edwards; the good news is, he doesn’t get to pick his price.

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