Tiger Woods, Vicodin, Ambien, Drinking, Travel, Gambling and Women. How Does This Guy Stay Ripped?

Tiger Woods-Elin NordegrenTiger Woods first post-“transgressions” interview is likely to be with Oprah, ESPN, or the Golf Channel according to USA Today. HBO was rejected; 60 Minutes, where Tiger made his debut as a toddler, is also supposed to be in the mix. The number of women he cheated on his wife with has reached 11, and clearly, Tiger didn’t discriminate – Vegas famewhores, porn stars, and a waitress at a bad chain restaurant (Perkins).

At what point will the media poke around into Tiger’s use of Vicodin and Ambien?

We’ll put some down some dots, you connected them if you’d like. From the Chicago Tribune in February:

Eyes: Tiger’s Stanford teammates used to tease him by calling him “Urkel.” If Tiger ever did sport those cartoonish, Harry Caray-esque glasses, he shelved them in 1999 after undergoing Lasik eye surgery. “A decision that changed my life,” he beams in print ads.

Biceps: Tiger is ripped, but few suspect his training was aided by, uh, A-Rod’s cousin. Tiger pushed hard for the creation of the PGA Tour’s drug-testing program, which began in July.

Gut: The 6-foot-2 Tiger was an Alexei Ramirez-like 158 pounds when he left Stanford. He has filled out to 185 pounds but, as recently as 2005, had maintained a 31-inch waist.

Yes, Tiger probably has the best trainers money can buy. Is anyone wondering how Tiger’s been able to maintain his muscular frame when he’s traveling the world, seemingly partying hard all the time, gambling all hours of the night and popping pills? It’s much more difficult to maintain a proper diet and workout regimen if you’re on the road all the time.

Tiger Woods as Pitchman Slips From View (NYT)

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