Jake Locker is Returning to Washington. Why?

jake-locker-girlfriendJake Locker: Reasons Locker should have stayed at Washington for his senior season – 1) He’s not ready for the NFL. He wouldn’t play this year. 2) The UW co-eds. Reasons Locker should have gone to the NFL – 1) See Sam Bradford, Matt Leinart. 2) He wouldn’t have been a first round lock and made guaranteed money. 3) He’s not winning a Pac-10 title (much less a National title), not with the talent Oregon, Stanford and USC bring back. Big loser here? Probably the Redskins. Assuming the Rams grab Jimmy Clausen with their pick, does Daniel Snyder gamble on Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford? [Seattle Times] [UPDATE: A reader notes one reason to stay could be for his girlfriend, Lauren Greer, a softball player at UW who graduated early but is living and working in the area.]

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